Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

It actually took eight pictures (I just counted out the bad ones) to get this one picture with Paul's and Rylee's eyes open. I use to think Rylee got her closing her eyes from my mom but now I think she is doomed b/c it is on both sides of the family. Paul looks like a cheese ball on purpose...he is sooo happy about getting his picture made.

This is one of six pictures that I took of them. Every single picture Tegan was looking at the camera nicely but Rylee kept closing her eyes! I hate taking pictures now!

Ready for church...I must say he was the most handsome man there.

Happy Father's Day Paul!
We had a pretty good day. Just tired at the end of it. We started with pancakes for Paul and then gave him his gifts from us. Then went to church. Then to his mom's to eat. Then back to our house for my dad and family to come over to eat. Finally at 10:00 everything is all cleaned up and the kids asleep...and I'm hungry can that be?
Tegan had his first REAL breakfast this morning and ate pancakes and loved them. When I say he loved them, I mean he would probably still be eating them had I not ran out. Then tonight he got to try his first strawberry shortcake....he also loved that. Lunch was great and supper was great and all in all it was a good day. Paul did very well although I know it is a very sad day for him b/c of losing his dad almost two years ago. He struggles with it but did very well at putting on a happy face for Rylee. She gets so excited about any holiday. She wanted him to have breakfast in bed so when he was ready to come to the table with us he had to plead with her to allow him up.
Happy Father's Day Paul, Daddy and Darrin. Darrin please notice that I called your house twice yesterday to tell you happy father's day.....I hope it counts that I said it on the blog while it is still father's day!

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