Sunday, June 22, 2008

Why skinny people get fat....

Recently while shopping at our new huge Ingles I came across a great new dessert. This ingles has added so many new and different things that you can't get out of there cheap. While debating on some ice cream, I turned to the other side of the frozen isle and noticed these cheesecake bites. Now I LOVE cheesecake but can't eat a whole lot at one time b/c of how rich it is, so I thought these bites would be perfect. Well I was right. They are these great bites that stay in the freezer but don't get frozen solid. They are the best things ever made. I look for excuses to walk in the kitchen now. Hmmm...let me go check the laundry and while I'm there I should check on those cheesecake bites! I probably shouldn't buy anymore for fear I may increase my waist size two fold.

So I don't know if you have a schlotzky's in your area or not but they have great sandwiches. But what is even better is their jalapeno chips. Now our new Ingles is also selling these in bigger bag sizes. I start eating them and can not stop. Unfortunately for me, Paul tasted them for the first time and practically ate all of them but don't worry...I will hide them the next time.

I'm not the best eater in the world and lately I have gotten worse b/c when I grocery shop I am buying lots of quick and easy things and a WHOLE LOT of snacks. Maybe I will work on that or maybe I will just wait and make it my New Years resolution!

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