Thursday, June 5, 2008

Back in the positioner again

Meant to be played to the tune of "Back in the Saddle Again". Well Monday night I removed the positioner for the first time in months out of Tegan's bed b/c he has been holding his head up so well that I thought he would be more comfortable without it. Plus he had rolled over inside the positioner one night and was trying to turn back over to his back and he couldn't b/c the positioner decided to do its job. Last night I walked in there to put something in his room at around 10:00 and was horrified to see him on his belly, sound asleep, with his face flat into the mattress. He had not woke up nor was he attempting to turn his head to the side at all. His breathing was fine but that can't be good for him. After checking his breathing I went and got Paul to show him and he too was horrified so he lifted him up as I put the positioner back under him. This seems like a huge step that he needs to get over so that I can sleep better without worrying so much but for now, we will stay in the positioner a little longer!

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