Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The big 28!

So I have this dream every year around my birthday. You know, the one where you wake up and get only yourself ready and out the door only to arrive at a spa that caters to your every need for the day. The spa where you get a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, have your hair completely made over and have someone professionally do your makeup. Then I leave the spa and come home to a CLEAN house and kids at a grandparents house and a new dress that I have picked out especially for this day. Then me and my husband head off to a nice quiet meal and movie and come home, go to bed and sleep all night!
Well as all of us know (me all to well) life never goes as it does in our dreams. Although I didn't have a bad birthday...I guess it was just no different from any other day. Paul went to work and I started the morning trying to get the children ready. Tegan had a dirty diaper so I changed him and went ahead and dressed him for the day. I sat him in the floor while I brushed Rylee's teeth and came back. I thought I smelled something so I checked him and yet again the boy had another dirty diaper. Only this time it was messy and he had bounced around the floor on his bottom and pushed it out the back of his diaper and all over his clothes. So I changed him from head to toe and cleaned him up. Sat him back down and then he spit up all over the outfit that he had on that was already looking a little to tight for him. So I gladly changed him again only to find that I have lapsed on my job as a housewife and Tegan had not one 18 month outfit clean. What kid wears 18 months at just 9 months old. So I managed to squeeze him into a onesie and darted out the door. By this time we had missed our open window to go get Tegan's weekly immunization before therapy. So we got to physical therapy where they are adding on to the hospital and had half the parking lot closed. I thought I was going to have to fight for a spot. We finally found something within 2 miles from the hospital (it was really very close to the front door) and got out and went in. Rylee acted like a fruit cake the whole time. The therapist is starting to blow me off and put Tegan off more and more but that's another post. Then we left just in time for the Dr.'s office to already be closed for lunch so that we have to wait an hour and a half to get his immunization for the week. I called my dad and we went to lunch with him and waited so long for our food that I ate my weight in the bottomless bowl of tortilla chips and salsa at Chili's. Then Tegan needed a diaper change in the 200 degree parking lot in the front seat that he is twice as long as....this was not fun for him or me who was pouring sweat! We got back to the Dr.'s office right in time to get his shot and the oral rotovirus vaccine...I think they should give me one of those. Anyways came home for about two short hours and got Rylee ready for swimming lessons and dragged her out the door. All the while Tegan keeps spitting up on himself....not alot or like he is sick...just enough to mess up his clothes and then he laughs at it. Finally we are home and the children are sleeping...oh wait, Tegan is crying. Give him his blankie and he goes back to sleep. Oh wait, Rylee is crying b/c her head hurts and it would feel better if I would give her a baby doll out to the bag of old toys that are going to Nanny's house.
I am 28 years old today. People say that I am pushing 30...What! That is still two years away. Mom says 30 is the new twenty and I say that 50 is the new twenty...it will take me longer to get there. My Granny once told me that people shouldn't complain about getting older b/c not everyone gets the chance. I agree so I guess I should just give up the dream of the spa and just be happy that I got to have a birthday and that it was uneventful! Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday! I wish it had been a stress free day of pampering like you deserve! Sorry about the therapist issues, that's no good. They need to be on your team.