Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Goals

I know it is totally lame but I seriously always do feel some sense of renewal when a new year begins.  I love the thought of looking ahead and not behind...even though I am not always good at it.  I always set up "goals" instead of calling them resolutions.  This year, most of my goals are things that I have had in mind and have already been doing for the past several months. 
1.  Simplify my this I mean everything.  I want less stuff in my house.  I want less stuff on my schedule.  I want to live simple. 
2.  I want to make my business in to so much more than anyone believes I can.  I have a goal to be providing for my family and living strictly off of my business by this time next year. 
3.  I want to relax and enjoy life more.  I want to take more time to just sit and play or talk to my children.

Those are my goals for this year!  This morning we went to church (not a better way to start the year) and in our church bulletin, there was something I loved and wanted to share.
Happy New Year
Happiness depends upon your outlook on life.
Attitude is just as important as ability.
Passion find yours this year!! 
Positive thoughts make everything easier.
You are unique, with special gifts, use them.

New beginnings with a new year.
Enthusiasm is a true secret to success.
Wishes...may they turn into goals. 

Years go by too quickly, enjoy them.
Energy may you have lots of it.
Appreciation of life, don't take it for granted.
Relax, take the time to relax in the coming year.

These are words to LIVE by!  May you all look for time to relax, have positive thoughts, use your gifts and appreciate everyday of life that you are given....I know I am sure going to try to do all of these things!

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