Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Today is brought to you by the number NINE

I can not even believe that I am about to say this but Happy 9th Birthday to my precious baby girl!!!
It seems like these last nine years have just flown by.
We seem to be entering a whole new world of changes when it comes to Rylee.  The first major thing (which really isn't that major) about her is that she has always been in love with the color pink....apparently nine year olds are to old for pink.  That's OK though b/c I am loving the blues and greens that she is currently obsessed with.  Another really big change is that while she is still a super sweet girl, she is trying to assert her independence more and thinks that she should question everything we tell her or ask her to do. 
But all in all, Rylee is still as sweet as ever.

Her awesomeness goes far beyond anything that I can take responsibility for.  She has pure talent and there is no doubt that she didn't get that from us. 
 She has amazing people skills.  In fact, most adults are shocked at how grown up she is in conversation with them.  But the very best thing about my girl is that she has a heart of gold.  She really feels everything that is around her.  She worries about hurting other people's feelings and tries her best to be a wonderful person at all times.
I have said this before and will say it again....whatever I did to be blessed with this girl, I am thankful for it.  I pray for her daily that she has peace, courage and faith and so far, the good Lord has not let me down. 

Here are some highlights of Rylee's 8th year:
1.  She came to us shortly after turning 8 and asked if she could be baptized.  Watching that moment was one of the proudest moments of my life. 
2.  She played a season of soccer.  She got out there and did a great job in every game but after the last game of the season, she basically said that was nice and was ready to hang up her shin guards:(

3.  She completed 2nd grade with multiple awards.
4.  Third grade has been a super easy adjustment for her. 
5.  She started gymnastics and has found a sport that she really loves. 
6.  She is obsessed with exercise which translates in to her forcing me to exercise with her. 
7.  She is very helpful at home.  One of the most helpful things that she takes pride in is that she sets her own alarm clock, gets up in the mornings, gets her brother and us up, and then gets ready for school.  She even gives Tegan a quick breakfast some mornings:)  (I'm not sure if that make her look good or me look bad???)

Rylee is such a special child!  I know all moms say this but I see that girl doing something great!  Even though I am sad to see her growing up so much, I am also very excited to see what she will do in life.  Every day that the good Lord allows me to have this girl, is a very blessed day!
Happy Birthday my baby girl!  You will never know how much you mean to me!


  1. Happy birthday Rylee and happy birthday Mommy.

  2. Happy Birthday Rylee!!! Your mom is so right about what she said about you. You are sweet, talented, smart, and so considerate of others. It was such a blessing to have been your Kindergarten teacher. Thank you for still giving me hugs in the hall. Your smile makes my day.