Saturday, January 28, 2012

Who Needs a Puppy?

For the past 3 or 4 months I have really wanted a puppy.  I have no idea why b/c I am not much of an animal lover.  So far I haven't found a puppy that doesn't shed and can use the potty in the toilet.  I kid about the toilet thing but dog poop does gross me out, especially when I step in it, see it or smell it.  Seriously though, did you know that to get a dog that doesn't shed it will set you back a whole lot of money???  WOW....won't be going there anytime soon unless Rylee follows through with her promise of getting me one for Mother's Day. 
None of that really matters anyways b/c I have my very own puppy dog already.  That little puppy would be named Tegan:)  I joked with my husband the other day telling him that if something happened to me I wasn't worried about him or Rylee but Tegan would never recover.  He literally follows me all over this house.  He makes every step I make.  If I leave the house without him, he ask when I will be home over and over again.  When we are play fighting, he totally licks my face just like a puppy.  Gross I know but this is a great gross out tactic that my husband has taught my sweet boy to win a battle.  He loves on me all the time and tells me that I am the sweetest mommy ever and he loves how I do everything he tells me too....wait, maybe me doing everything he tells me too is why he is a rotten little boy???  Uh, I just totally had an ah ha moment.
Anyways, the other day I was not feeling well with a headache.  I was laying on the couch with a wet rag over my forehead and eyes.  I was dosing in and out of sleep.  When I woke up one time I felt Tegan holding my hand.  I looked down in the floor beside the couch where he had brought his pillow and sleeping bag in the living room, made him a pallet in the floor right next to the couch and was laying there watching TV and holding my hand.  Isn't that totally like a loyal little puppy that sleeps at the feet of his sick owner???  I mean really, Tegan doesn't shed and he poops in the potty.  Maybe I will just start calling him my little puppy dog and start letting him sleep at the foot of my bed at night!!!

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