Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Very Happy Girl!

This was the very first year ever that we decided not to do a big birthday party for Rylee.  I thought she would miss the party or be a little upset but that wasn't the case at all.  I made a huge effort to make this birthday just as special as one with a big party and I think I was very successful as she has said over and over again that this was the very best birthday EVER!!!

The night before her birthday I decorated her door just after she went to bed.  She thought it was the coolest thing ever!
I took her some cupcakes to school on her birthday so that she got to have a small celebration with her classmates.  Her actual birthday was on Wed. so we took her out to Outback for dinner and I slaved away in the kitchen to make the requested doughnut cake.....or at least someone at Krispy Kreme slaved away making the doughnuts, I just stacked them:)
If your kid loves doughnuts, this is the best idea ever.  I bought 2 dozen doughnuts and they were all gone by the finish of breakfast the next morning.  I wish I could take credit for this but this was all Ry's idea!

 Normally we don't get her much for her birthday b/c we are shelling out tons of money on a party but this year we got her a black bookcase and canvas bins that she had asked for.  She also asked for a bag full of surprises so that is exactly what she got!
On Friday night she had her very best friend come over to spend the night with her so that she could help us celebrate Rylee's birthday on Saturday.  They played hard and there was some pretty intense dancing going on to Just Dance.
This morning we got up early (a lot earlier than I wanted on a Saturday:) and headed out for a surprise breakfast.  I told her that she was going to get to go somewhere fancy but I wouldn't give her any clues.  Emma and Tegan didn't know either so they were just as shocked!  She always loves to ride past a place up the interstate called Chateau Elan.  It is a winery but looks like a huge castle.  She has always been fascinated with that place.  A while back we actually drove up the driveway but never got out.  Well today when we got off the exit she started telling Emma to look b/c we were about to pass the castle.  The look on her face was priceless when we turned in to the driveway and she realized that this was where she was going for breakfast....
All three kids were so excited and I don't think they believed us at first.  Once we walked down the grand staircase (the people there kept calling it that), I think they finally believed us.  The breakfast was a awesome breakfast buffet complete with all your usual breakfast favorites, a fruit bar and a full service omelet station.  They put us at a table that looked like it was made just for a birthday girl!  Everything was so fancy, which if you know Rylee, she is totally fancy.  The girls smiled the whole time they ate.  Tegan was excited but he was way more excited about the fact that he was sitting next to his Emma. 
After we ate they let use wonder around a little.  How many of you got to run around and do cartwheels on the lawn of a castle today? should try it!

Tegan loves Emma to pieces!  He is in his glory when he is right in the middle of these two girls!
After leaving "The Castle", we headed to Mall of Georgia and went to Build-A-Bear.  Now I know you are thinking that Rylee is a little to old for this but she picked it as the one thing she wanted to do for her birthday and I didn't feel so bad when there was a 14 year old in there building a bear for her birthday!  Apparently we have deprived her and not taken her to do it before today and she just couldn't live another day without her bear.  Unfortunately, I got tired of carrying around my big camera at this point and there are no pictures of it b/c we are tight wads and don't have smart phones to take pictures with. 
All three kids loved it!  It was a really great day.  Tegan was on his very best behavior.  Rylee was so thankful for all that we did for her this birthday.  Emma said it was the best birthday party ever.  She also said that eating at Chateau Elan was way better than eating with a princess at a Disney castle b/c those castles aren't real like Chateau Elan is:)
Today we made such great memories with our kids and Emma. 

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