Saturday, December 17, 2011

One More Week!!

It is so hard to believe that pretty soon I will be thinking of all my goals and resolutions for the year of 2012.  It is so true that the older we get, the faster time goes by. 

Today has been a great and calm day.  Besides a few gift cards, all the Christmas shopping is done.  I am slowly but surely cleaning up the house and getting it in order.  That has been pretty hard to do b/c my husband is working on a project in our bathroom so there is a mess going on in there and in our bedroom.  I am also taking my time and wrapping a few presents here and there but I seem to be making lots and lots of progress.  School is out for the kids until after the first of the year.  All the Christmas program practices at church are behind us....and the program its self.  The mad Christmas card rush in my shop is slowing a little although the shower and birthday invitations seem to be picking back up. 

We purposely didn't plan anything this weekend b/c we figured that we would be going last minute Christmas shopping but this determine lady has defeated the shopping this year and I'm pretty proud of all my loot.  So today has been one of getting things done around the house and taking our kids to the movies.  I awoke to a nice quiet house.  I haven't felt all that great and my body appreciated the sleep.  My sweet husband had gotten the kids up at 7 AM and taken them for doughnuts and to pick me out something for Christmas from them.  Very sweet of him!
This was Tegan's very first movie theater experience and although he did great, he didn't get the concept of why he couldn't talk really loud during the movie.  All he wanted to do was ask questions about the movie but he is a loud child.  We went to see Aurthur Christmas.  It is a super cute Christmas movie, I highly recommend it.  Rylee was so excited and she said that she enjoyed our first ever movie experience all together.  She is so funny b/c Paul and I hadn't even realized that usually just one of us takes her to the movies while the other one stays behind with Teg.  She has had a rough past two days and seems to be needing some affirmation again about who is there for her.  She wants all of us to be together.  So you can imagine she didn't like it that we split up after the movie, she went with her daddy and I took Tegan with me.  She had bought Teg something for Christmas with her own money so Teg was asking me to take him to get her something from him. He did a great job picking it out and Rylee was so glad to see us make it back home so quick.  Poor little girl. 
 I am just hoping that tomorrow will be another day of getting things done around the house.  I would like to have the whole house cleaned and all the presents wrapped by bedtime tomorrow night.  I work three days this week and would love to just relax and enjoy Thurs and Fri off with the kids. here are a few pictures I have to show off from the Christmas program.  Both kids did great!  As always, Rylee didn't hold back when singing and did great.  I just have to brag about Teg also...he did wonderful for a four year old little boy.  He wasn't shy about standing on stage and singing.  You could hear him over all the other kids in his age group.  I was a very proud mama!!!

 To top it off they got to see Santa at the end of the night! 
It was a great program and all the kids did so good.  Poor Rylee was so exhausted b/c we didn't have a free second all that weekend.  She couldn't even make it to school on Monday.  She woke up with a little cold but I think mostly she was just to tired to do anything.  After a day of rest she was good to go.
Of course now I am having some sort of crud/sore throat thing going on.  I made fun last night with my facebook status saying that I was keeping with Christmas tradition by being sick with just enough time for me to get better and for my kids to catch it and be sick on Christmas.  I really hope that is not the case and hope we have a healthy Christmas.  But if we don't, we will still have fun!!!

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