Friday, December 23, 2011

But I Love Her!!!

Tegan's all time favorite hobby is to drive his sister bonkers.  Rylee spends most her days at home in her bedroom b/c Tegan is going to aggravate the pee out of her without a doubt.  It must be a boy thing b/c I don't remember doing this at all to any of my older three siblings but I do remember my brother, the youngest of five, doing it to me:) 

He is known to be sitting still watching TV and notice that Rylee isn't paying attention to him, that is when he makes his move.  He will sneak right up with the remote in hand and BAM....knocks the crap out of her.  I can't tell you how many times I have chased him down after he has done something like this to her.  He is a runner for sure!  Poor kid doesn't know that running makes me even more mad!!!

His latest attempt to drive his sister crazy is by invading her bedroom.  You see, ever since that kid could crawl we have had a baby gate up at her door.  I guess that when your mischievous child is over four years old and in the 85th percentile for his height, a baby gate will no longer stop him.  He scales that thing like a cat climbing a tree.  Funny thing is that he doesn't do it while she is in there.  He sits back waiting for her to leave her room.  I mean, the girl has to eventually come out for a bathroom break.  He pounces and grabs every opportunity that he can find.  Then it starts...."GET OUT OF MY ROOM", "MAMA HE WON'T GET OUT", "STOP TOUCHING MY STUFF", etc...  The only response he has is "BUT I LOVE HER AND WANT TO BE WITH HER".  Seriously, how in the world do you argue with that.  I will tell you look at your mom with your big brown eyes and say "DON'T LET HIM BUTTER YOU UP.  JUST GET HIM OUT."  Oh me, I still have many years ahead of me in this department but for now I think it is time to burn the baby gates:)


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