Thursday, December 29, 2011

Etsy shop update

Paper Pretty Designs has really been such a blessing to me.  I just can't even believe how well it has been doing in such a short amount of time.  I hope and pray everyday that my business continues to grow and becomes a very stable source of income for us.  I tell you, it was very nice to not have to use our regular paycheck money to buy Christmas this year....Christmas was fully funded by Paper Pretty Designs.  While things are going great, it is still hard to predict how many sales I will have in a month and I am still learning so much about this business as I go.  I have a really big short term goal to hopefully expand my business even more so that things are going great by the end of May...when the kids get out of school:) 

I am working on lots of new invitations and cards for the shop but tonight I have freshened up the look a little.  It is always sad to me to take down Christmas decorations in my house and I have to admit, it is just as sad to take down all my Christmas cards from my shop along with my holiday header.  I created something simple and basic to freshen things up a bit.  I am tired of looking at lots of bright stuff all the time. 

I am so excited about the direction that my business is taking me in.  I thank everyone for your support so far and in the future.  If you ever need a card, invitation, cupcake toppers, party favor tags,etc...please check out Paper Pretty Designs.  Also, if you have a blog and would allow me to post the 2nd picture posted above on your blog that would link to my shop as advertisement, I would love you forever!

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  1. You can put it on my blog! I don't know how to do that, but if you can tell me how you can do it.