Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day Two Post Surgery

Good grief what a day!  I learned a long time ago that when it comes to my kids (in my belly or not), I should always listen to my gut.  A mother always knows.  I am so very thankful for a Dr. (Dr. Glassman) who listened to me even though I'm not really sure he wasn't convinced that I was just being paranoid. 

Tegan had a very restless nights sleep last night.  I'm sure it doesn't help that him and I are practically sleeping on top of each other in a twin size bed.  This morning he woke up early like always.  I moved him to the couch to "listen" to the TV since he didn't want to open his eyes.  I can't tell you what particular thing triggered my motherly instinct but I just had this funny feeling something wasn't right with him.  From 7 to 9 AM, he was laying on the couch and I sat in the floor right next to him.  I didn't even fix myself breakfast.  I just felt off.  Sometime around 9 I noticed that he was feeling very warm.  I took his temp, he had a fever and I gave him some Tylenol.  I walked away for just a second and he started to vomit.  Not a little vomit but a really big huge vomit that was a little to huge for a kid that had not ate a single thing in 48 hours and was barely drinking.  His shirt was so covered that I couldn't get it over his head without it hitting his eyes so I just gave up, grabbed some scissors and said goodbye to his night shirt.  I cleaned him up, cleaned up my couch, ruined my carpet by cleaning it with something that left a big old bleach spot and then just sat right back down beside him while trying to call the eye Dr.  Of course with a place like Emory, you don't get a real person.  I debated and debated on what to do b/c at this point he was talking a little more and acting better.  Through all this he had yet to open his eyes at all the whole morning and my gut feeling was still lingering.   

Thirty minutes later I quit debating and got him an appointment at the pediatricians office.  His eye Dr./surgeon is over two hours away so I thought it would be best to start local.  Let me just say I love love love my Dr.  He has always trusted my instincts with my kids and today was no different although I almost didn't voice my concern for fear of looking stupid.  Tegan checked out fine physically and didn't look dehydrated at all.  He was thinking this all may be normal for the surgery he has been through.  But then I told him I had a gut feeling and I knew something wasn't right.  That was all he needed to hear.  He got on the phone with the surgeon and came up with a plan to make sure all of our bases were covered. 

He sent us straight to the hospital just to get a blood culture and to get antibiotics by IV just in case this was the start of an eye infection.  In the ten minutes it took me to drive there, park and walk up to the 3rd floor carrying my 41 pound kid, he got way worse.  He was pale, limp and not talking at all.  He looked awful and was impossible to wake up.  The nurses took one look at him and knew he needed some fluids right then.  They didn't even get to let the numbing cream work on his hand before they just had to place the IV.  One bag of fluids and one huge dose of antibiotics by IV later and he was like a new kid.  He was even opening his eyes for the first time...both eyes at the same time!  By opening I don't mean really opening but yet just barely a crack.  You can't even really tell the difference in blood, redness or eye through the tiny crack but atleast he was trying to open them.  There is a huge bulging blood clot on the inside corner of his right eye. 

BUT praise the Lord he can see out of both eyes.  Maybe not all that great through that little crack and all the blood but at least he has vision!!!  I was so thankful to bring my little man home with him talking and wanting to set up...unlike the whole rest of the day. 

I thought today would be a very progressive day but it seemed he took two steps back.  I just pray that tomorrow is the day we need it to be and he shows a significant amount of healing.  I'm anxious to see if all this is worth the end result! If you seen his would definitely doubt yourself as a mother.  If it were me, I wouldn't be able to get out of bed. It looks painful and I am feeling very guilty for letting them do this to him!!!  Pray that his Mama doesn't going crazy while you pray for his very quick healing!!!!

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