Friday, September 16, 2011

Day Three Post Surgery...Turning the Corner

One of the greatest blessings in life is that every day is a new day and a new opportunity for any situation to get better.  Today is our day...I hope! 

I really feel like that the worst is behind us.  All of the prayers have been felt and I am just overwhelmed by everyone who has lifted my boy up in prayer.

After the rough day we had yesterday, we were praying for a great day with lots of improvement.  I mean, I want Tegan to learn how to sit still for at least short periods of time but this isn't the way I wanted it to happen.  In the last few days we have only saw lots of this
Today he is somewhat back to his old self.  He is eating (albeit still very picky), drinking, playing, talking and most importantly he has his eyes open!!!!  He wanted to look at his eyes so I let him but bless his heart he didn't like what he saw.  His eyes are very very red and look very very painful.  The plus is that he doesn't seem to be in any pain today.  He does keep saying that his eyes itch really bad way back on the inside but with eyes that look like his, that isn't so bad.  The itching is most likely coming from all the stitches that are placed in the muscles around his eyes.   We are totally expecting the red to linger for a very long time.  His eyes will probably have a pink tint to them for up to 6 months but at least he can see!!!! 

He insisted that I take a picture of his eyes and show them to him on the computer b/c he says it hurts less to look at them on the computer than in the mirror:)  He is very proud of himself for having his eyes open and so are his parents.  We still can't tell yet if the surgery did what it was suppose to do b/c he keeps tilting his head back and looking down the front of his nose...which is totally not what we want and is way worse than what he did before.  But I think he is only doing that b/c his eyelids are still a little puffy on the inside b/c sometimes I notice he isn't tilting it back.  I still see the eye movement, which is the Nystagmus, but I don't know if you would notice it if you weren't looking for it.  I am looking for it so that is why it stands out to me.  So far, Paul and I haven't seen him tilt his head to the side at all to see.  We were told to expect for his eyes to be pointing totally to the left for the first week until his brain readjust and he pulls them to the right.  They aren't pointing to the left but straight forward.  Of course that is what we want but we don't want them to pull anymore to the right so I am praying that his brain is just ahead of the game and has already done what it is suppose to! 

I am praising God today for the healing and find it to be such a miracle what he can do in just a 10 to 12 hour time span. Red or not...I am so very happy to see his beautiful eyes. 


  1. Awww, poor Tegan. He looks in good spirits, I sure hope he is feeling well soon. Bless his little heart, what a tough little guy!

  2. Im sooo glad he's finally feeling a little better :)