Tuesday, January 11, 2011

8 Years Already....

My daughter turns 8 years old today! I still can't even believe that I am saying this somewhat because I can not believe that she is growing up so fast but also because I can not believe that I am growing up to fast:) I think back of 8 years ago how I had no idea what was about to hit me. The amount of love I could feel for this person was lost on me just hours before I saw her face. The anxiety and fears I developed of anything happening to this little girl overtook my mind and body. I had no idea what I was doing and still not sure I do today but when I look at her I know I must be doing something right.

This little girl is perfect in every way!

She is a helpful child who has a lot of heart. Though she loves her brother with all her heart let's be real here...he is still an aggravating little baby brother that is almost 5 years younger than her. But when they are loving each other you can not drive a wedge between them.
Wonderful in school. Ahead of the game in that area. The only kid in the state of Georgia to cry because school was closing for a snow day. Eager to learn. Very social and caring for everyone around her. Trying very hard lately to understand what life is about and showing some fears about the reality of how hard life can be. Fearful of death of the ones she loves. Cautious about everything!!!! Homebody. NEVER forgets anything especially promises made to her. Not a picky eater at all but will still not drink any type of carbonated beverage (not even sprite). Going through a growth spurt that will probably end with her being taller than me very soon!

A little bit bossy but a whole lot of spunk. A child who is so resilient and is not going to let anyone get in her way. In love with Justin Beiber and continues to defend him to the bitter end when her daddy swears he is a girl. TV lover! Has her own invisible students in her real life classroom she has set up complete with a teachers desk and a rather large dry erase board hanging on the wall. Very easy to be heartbroken but very quick to recover. All Girl! Loves all things sparkly and fancy. My favorite little girl of all times. Promises everyday to always be my best friend!

Talented! Precious! Perfect in every way!
Happy 8th Birthday to our little lady!


  1. Happy birthday R! I hope she has a fantastic day. (BTW, I have started a response to your e-mail, I'm a little slow these days!) x

  2. Happy birthday to Rylee! What a beautiful little girl she is-hope her day is wonderful!

  3. A HUGE happy birthday to one of my favorite little ladies too!
    Miss her like crazy and can't believe she already 8!!!!!!
    Miss Step :)