Saturday, January 8, 2011

25 Ways to Win With People

I do our churche's newsletter every month. It is something that I took over about a year ago. The best thing about doing the newsletter is getting to see everything that is going in it ahead of time. Our preacher is doing a "Winning With People" sermon series and he sent me something a little special to put in the newsletter. I plan to start today and for the next 25 days I will do one of these a day as a Bible study. I don't really read the Bible or do Bible studies but I hope maybe this will put me in the mood and create a new habit for me. I love to read things that relate to my life and the season that I am in. Right now...I feel like I just can't win with some people. So hopefully this will help me to handle myself better or to handle them better. Here is the "25 Ways to Win With People" study that I will be doing:

25 Ways to Win With People
How to Make Others Feel Like a Million Bucks
By John C. Maxwell and Les Parrott III
1. Start With Yourself – King Solomon (I Kings 3:5-14)
2. Practice the 30 Second Rule – Jesus and Simon Peter (John 1:42)
3. Let People Know You Need Them – Paul (II Tim. 4:11) / Galatians 4:13-15)
4. Create a Memory and Visit It Often – Joshua (Joshua 4:1-7)
5. Compliment People In Front of People – John the Baptist (John 1:29-31)
6. Give Others a Reputation to Uphold – Jesus and Nathaniel (John 1:45-48)
7. Say the Right Words at Right Time – Mordecai to Esther (Esther 4:13-14)
8. Encourage the Dream of Others – Naomi and Ruth (Ruth 3:1-6)
9. Pass the Credit Onto Others – David and his men (I Samuel 30:21-31)
10. Offer Your Very Best – Epaphroditus (Philippians 2:25-30)
11. Share a Secret With Someone – Mary and Elizabeth (Luke 1:39-45)
12. Mine the Gold of Good Intentions – Abigail and David (I Sam. 25:23-35)
13. Keep Your Eyes Off the Mirror – Joseph & Brothers (Genesis 50:18-20)
14. Do for Others What They Can’t Do for Themselves – Joseph (Genesis 41)
15. Listen With Your Heart – Barnabas & John Mark (Acts 15:36-41)
16. Find the Keys to Their Heart – Nehemiah & Builders (Nehemiah 2:17-18)
17. Be the First to Help – Barnabas & Saul (Acts 9:26-27)
18. Add Value to People – Rebekah & Abraham (Genesis 24:10-27)
19. Remember a Person’s Story – David, Jonathan, Mephibosheth (I Sam. 9:1-13)
20. Tell a Good Story – Paul (Acts 26:1-29)
21. Give With No Strings Attached – Jonathan (I Samuel 18:1-4)
22. Learn Your Mailman’s Name – Paul (Romans 16:3-15)
23. Point Out People’s Strengths – Peter and Paul (II Peter 3:14-16)
24. Write Notes of Encouragement – Paul and his Epistles (Philippians, II Tim.)
25. Help People Win – Deborah and Barak (Judges 4:4-5)

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  1. Love it love it love it! Thank you Tabatha! Can I share this with my friends?