Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ask and you shall receive....

So I've been mean. I've been plotting, scheming and determined to cause a stink. You see I have a problem with "asking" for....well anything. Since the beginning of my days as an adult I have always had issues with asking for help with....well everything. I've gotten myself in a few messes due to this don't ask disorder that I have. EverydayRecently it has been brought to my attention (she clears her throat) that I don't ask for things that are simple to ask for. Like if I want something done around the house, I say "I wish you would give the wild child a bath". Apparently that isn't very clear and since I don't say the magic words I will be giving the wild child a bath. It's not just that but apparently there are a lot of things that I would love to get done by someone other than myself but since I want to either "tell" someone to do them or "wish" for someone to do them or expect someone to read my mind, it just doesn't happen. I get mad and build up this really crazy anger until I can give payback. This time payback was going to come in the form of hundreds of tiny post-it notes that read "see I did that and nobody asked me to". Someone recently said to me that the male species doesn't exactly think like us and may not notice that the same things need to be done that the average (or over achieving) female notices. That really got me thinking....why don't I just ask??? I mean, if I ask and say please and said person still doesn't do it then I have every right to get upset. But if said person is just simply needing me to ask then why don't I just ask. Wouldn't that bring so much more peace in my household than to be stubborn and set in my ways? Wouldn't that possibly bring to light all the things I actually do around here without me having to shout out a verbal list of those things just to justify it in my head? All I want is to have a peaceful house, with a peaceful family....can I achieve that by being determined not to ask? Nope, I can't. Since said person doesn't grant wishes, isn't good at taking stern orders and apparently isn't a mind reader, I have decided I will just start asking for what I want and pray for the sake of said person's fingers and toes that they are more than willing to fulfill my request:) Ask and you shall receive...right?? (no really, I'm asking)

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  1. Love it! I have the SAME exact disorder. Go figure!! ;-)