Thursday, October 7, 2010

Christmas DEALS

So I have Christmas on the mind already. I'm watching for deals, coupons and sales that are already going on around us. I saw this posted over on Frugal Coupon Living and thought that I would share it with you guys. She has an awesome scenario of how to get a deal on this and get it down to $2.99 and also get Toy Story which I am so wanting for Tegan for Christmas. I'm pretty sure Rylee doesn't have this movie so it will make an awesome Christmas gift for her too!
You can get your $10 off coupon HERE . You have to register but they put out kids movie coupons every couple of weeks so start now and get a nice collection of birthday or Christmas gifts.
I got another steal for you but I'm not sure of the details so I will have to post that a little later...maybe.


  1. This is GREAT!! I can use this for my nieces and little cousins!! I wouldn't mind starting a collection of my own... never too old for Disney :)

  2. I got two Beauty's and two Tinkerbelles...(four movies total for 30 bucks...) plus a free princess tea cart for spending 40 bucks on princess stuff (the movies) even though my total ended up being less than 40 bucks with coupons..

    The Beauty movies ended up being 5.82 each and the Tinkerbelle movies were 8.92 huh!

    Thanks for the heads up!