Thursday, August 19, 2010

What in the World is Happening

Well not much fun stuff to post except that I am once again trying to avoid doing schoolwork so therefore I am updating the blog:) This is going to be very random.

Tegan and his big boy bed.....well we are no longer in the big boy bed. I say we b/c I was ending up spending more time in his bed than mine. So I am that mother who for the sake of her sanity and her sleep gave in and bribed talked the kid in to getting back in his baby bed. Oh how I love the baby bed!!! I have had the best nights sleep for the last two nights and I have missed it so much.

Tegan and his preschool...doing great and mommy is adjusting a little more everyday to the new routine and actually getting a few things done in the mornings. It's starting to feel a little like a dream, nobody pinch me!!! He only goes until 12 so that isn't to bad and it is just enough time to make him tired and ready for a great nap. is moving right along for her and I have had a hard time explaining the difference in fact and opinion to her....2nd grade homework is not easy! She came home sick from school yesterday and slept it off. She seemed to feel much better this morning thank goodness.

Rylee and her really big news...all of her dreams have come true. We no longer have to hear all about how she wants a horse! More on that one later, with pictures!

Dear Hubby is killing himself trying to finish up his classes at school and working full time. I will be glad when his school is over. Both of us in school is not fun.

Me...I am moving right along in school. Finishing up yet another class and signed up to take another super hard class next quarter so once again I will be MIA.

My Etsy Store...IS DOING AWESOME! I have been selling camera strap covers like crazy along with a few checkbook covers and a few burp clothes. I'm going to be adding some baby gift sets pretty soon in hopes to have even more sales. But the best thing is that my camera strap covers are selling awesome and are keeping my hubby quiet about me finding a job since Teg is in preschool:)

This is officially the most random post ever! Now I must do homework:(

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