Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ode to My Little Man

So today you are THREE! At the risk of sounding like every other mother in the world...where has the time gone??? You are a baby that was prayed for before birth in ways you can't imagine. There was a point in my pregnancy when I thought I would never hold you alive. Then I cried tears of joy the first time I heard you cry. I look at you and see a child that knows he carries the spirit of his brother, Cohen, with him. It takes a special child to do that. You are a healthy, happy handful who is his mama's boy but would follow his daddy to the ends of the earth.

You LOVE your sister but you also LOVE to hit your sister. You think it is funny to stand in front of the TV while she is trying to watch it and when she gets mad at you somehow you manage to melt her heart and all is right in the world.

When it comes to your mama, well let's just say that I am weak. I have a hard time saying no to you. All you have to do is throw your arms around my neck and say "I want to love on you" and I'm all yours. Who cares if you flushed your undies down the toilet and dumped your pee from your potty in to the bathtub.

You only listen to your daddy. I can say your name 50 times to get you to stop doing something but all your daddy has to do is look at you. You don't like to cry in front of your daddy either which prevents you from throwing an all out fit in public places like you do when he isn't there. You follow him everywhere and just love to be with him although I think it is because he lets you get dirty:) You are turning from a baby to a little boy and I'm not sure I like it.

FINALLY you are potty trained although you still wear pull-ups at night just in case! The only piece of my baby that I still have left is the baby bed. Not sure why but you sleep 12 hours in there but only an hour at a time in the big boy bed. You don't eat a lot but love you some orange juice. You have started to slim up and get tall. You are so much like your sister at this and curious. You want to know every ones name and sometimes you say things that I can't figure out how you even know to say that. Preschool has been a surprisingly easy transition for you. I feared there would be screaming and crying but there wasn't least not on your end. You have been good and love it.
You and Rylee are the lights of our lives and nothing would be the same without you. I love you with all my heart and feel blessed that I get to watch you grow!

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