Thursday, December 3, 2009

What a dream...

Sorry...I am so very behind on my picture post. That would mean that I have been very busy taking pictures and something has to fall on the back burner (which would be my housework and my blog). I photographed these girls a month ago and they were AMAZING! I got great pictures of the whole family and will do a whole other post on those but for today I want to show you my favorites of each girl. They were very excited to have their picture made which means that you get the best pictures. If you have someone that is being forced in to it, I think you can tell that in the pictures. Both these girls have those beautiful blue eyes that will make them be nothing but trouble for their parents:)
I'm going to start with the oldest, Brooke. She is all about the pose and I totally believe this girl could be a model!!!

My favorite picture of her!

She is a total natural!

I love the camo pictures of the girls. They look so casual and relaxed!

Then we have Kristen. The younger but just as equally photogenic sister. She was also eager to have her picture made and I think we got some great pictures of her.

I didn't know how much I would like these but I LOVE this one of her!

Look at those blue eyes!

Such a natural looking shot!

My favorite picture of her from the whole day!
Just wait until you see pictures of the whole family. I wish every family was like them. The dad didn't fuss about having his pictures made, mom was very excited about it and the girls loved every minute of it. Maybe they should write the book on how to except and enjoy having your picture made:)
My next post will be of some family pictures.

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