Friday, December 4, 2009

What do you want for Christmas?

Well I said I wouldn't do it....I wasn't going to even ask what Rylee wanted for Christmas b/c I knew the list was longer than I could stand to hear! Last year her list consisted of MP3 player, real digital camera, etc... Well I think it is safe to say that she figured out those weren't nearly as fun as toys and this year she is going backwards except for asking for a Nintendo ds. Background on the DS...they cost around $130 so mommy told her that Santa probably wouldn't bring that and Daddy told her to tell Santa so she did. So Daddy had to go talk to Santa to make sure he was bringing it. Anyways, the number one thing on her list this year is colored rocks. Seriously..colored rocks and stones. Short of buying fish aquarium rocks or spray painting some that lay in our driveway, I'm not really sure where to find colored rocks. My dear husband has actually suggested that we ride towards the mountains and see what we can find. Seriously, can't we just spray paint some??? Will she notice? Well of course she will b/c that is just Rylee! She has named off lots of little things that she wants but here is what the problem is: We got Tegan a very large item so even though that one item cost way less than her high ticket item, her high ticket item is so little that I am afraid she will be disappointed. So do you want to know how to solve end up spending twice as much on the 6 year old than the two year old!

Then you sit and listen to commercial after commercial that I am pretty sure are produced by the devil and hear that list grow and grow. I continue to tell her that there is no way Santa can carry all that stuff in his sleigh but then I am quickly reminded by that six year old brain of hers that Santa's sleigh is magic and can carry everything in the world. So my question is...when in the heck will she stop believing in Santa????

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