Monday, December 28, 2009

Dear Husband...

When you came down with strep throat about a week before Christmas and laid down in the bed not willing to move for days, I thought to myself "Men...they are such babies when they are sick!" I thought.."Can it really be that bad that you can't still function at some level??" I mean really, when I get sick I just push right on through all the while feeding and bathing children.
Well let me be THE FIRST TO TELL YOU I WAS WRONG!!!! When I came down with strep throat on Christmas Eve, I was pretty sure I would die before Santa came. But I didn't. Then on Christmas day I was even worse and pretty sure I wouldn't live to see the New Year. But I finally finished the family gatherings, came home, laid down and didn't move!!!! With the help of some rest and medicine I have made a full recovery even though at times I wasn't so sure.
So DEAR HUSBAND I am sorry that I did not give you the sympathy that you deserved while you were sick!

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