Monday, December 21, 2009

Maybe Santa will bring me my Sanity!!!!!

Let's see...last week Paul had strep throat so of course he was bedridden for several days. I had pictures to take, things to sew, Christmas shopping to do, etc... Well I finished my last photo session of the year and pretty close to sewing my last items of the year also. Christmas shopping is done. But clean house and all those presents wrapped, not so much. I have two days to finish up all the last minute details, clean my house and wrap all my Christmas presents. Not sure I will survive this week. Usually I am so looking forward to Christmas but this year I am more looking forward to the week after Christmas than anything! Maybe I will get an hours rest the day AFTER CHRISTmas!
We had our Christmas program at church this past Sunday and both kids were in it. Rylee did a solo version of "Away in a Manger" while I sat in the floor in front of the stage trying to hog tie Tegan to keep him from running across the stage. I was insistent that I was going to be out front to watch Rylee Bug sing her song so I tried my hand at having Teg out there but it ended with him screaming and me sweating to death!
But in the end, Rylee did a wonderful job of singing and made a great Angel while Teg was the most handsome and energetic Joseph I have ever seen!

My babies!

What an ANGEL!

Singing "Away in a Manger"

One of two times all night that he was standing still!

The most handsome Joseph you will ever see.

he jumped on the Eeyore (aka camel) and made poor Mary (aka KB) that how the story goes??

I had to throw in a picture of the sweet little Mary. I think the size of the crowd shocked her a little.

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