Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can

I know I can! I just might survive. I know most people don't do much on Christmas Eve but we have a full day ahead of us. Actually we have more family gatherings tomorrow than on Christmas day!!!
My "to do" list this morning started out a little overwhelming, but I have been marking things off one at a time and it is starting to feel pretty darn good. By the time I rest my VERY weary head tonight, most all my hard work preparing for Christmas will be behind me. The shopping, the wrapping, the clean house and some of the cooking!
I stayed up really late last night wrapping presents. Today I have cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more so hopefully my house won't look as disorganized as it really is. I just have to finish up Rylee's room (which is an entire days work its self) and then on to make a few snacks for tomorrow's first family gathering.
Our schedule goes a little like this: Christmas Eve...lunch with my husband's family and then supper at my house with my dad and siblings. Christmas Day...Santa and then breakfast/brunch with Paul's family. Day after Christmas...supper with my mom and family. That's right, three days of Christmas!
It's looking like I might survive the pre-holiday preparing after if only I can survive all the family gatherings!!!!
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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