Thursday, August 20, 2009

What day is it anyways???

Well it's 12:02 am on Thursday night and yet again there is thunder outside. I am still sitting here trying to research burglary in a local county for a speech I have due next week. It would help if I didn't have trouble saying the word burglary...I'm sure my class mates will get a kick out of that. Anyways, we have a group speech due, a one hour group speech to be exact. I hate speaking in front of people. My voice shakes, my hands sweat and I can't focus but I'm almost done. One more speech and I finally after three starts and no finishes, will have completed this dang college speech class. Never again will I have to do this...or at least I hope not. I can't help but be afraid that maybe God sent me through this class to prepare me for something but right now, I care not to think about it.

Anyways, sorry I have been MIA from the blog lately but don't worry , in just two short weeks the quarter will be over and I will have a break. But before I blog I must clean my house b/c in all honesty it hasn't been cleaned since the quarter started. Don't tell any one that. Then the end of September will be here before I know it and I will be taking two new classes. It's a never ending cycle.

Teg's second birthday is fast approaching and there is something about this birthday that makes it much harder than the 1st. I guess the thought that my last baby is definitely not a baby any more. We will feast on birthday cake and open tons of gifts that he doesn't need nor does he play with. Hint to those giving my son a b-day gift...he wears a size 2T and in great need of winter clothes and pajamas.

Rylee would like for me to tell the world that she got the new Hannah Montana movie. I don't even have to go in to detail on here of how much the sounds of that movie screaming from her bedroom is driving me crazy! Her very unclean bedroom might I add. She tricked her grandma in to buying it for her. She had already asked her daddy and he said not right now. Well she immediately said that she would just ask grandma. Her daddy told her she better not. The first chance she got her grandma alone...she got the movie! Need I say more! She's been doing that lately. A couple of weeks ago she talked her paw paw in to coming to get her and take her out to eat and to walmart where he also bought her a movie and something else I can't even remember. Then the very next day she asked grandma to "spend some time with her" and got her to take her to walmart also. I'm pretty sure "spend some time with her" translates in to "spend some money on me" but I'm not sure.

This concludes tonight's late night randomness!!! Hope you enjoyed.

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