Thursday, September 6, 2012

Beach Bums and Blog Makeover

We FINALLY made it to the beach just before the end of summer.  The kids were out for Labor day and then the day after for teacher workday so we decided to play the bad parents and keep them out of school on Friday and head to the beach for five glorious days.  
My husband and kids just had to take a helicopter ride.  I was very anxious about all three of them being in that helicopter but they insisted and they loved it!  I on the other hand kept my feet on the ground and stood there anxious the whole time they were gone! 
I love the picture below.  This is right after they got off the helicopter and they were all so happy!
I did a few beach pictures of the kiddos on the last night.  They were forced in to it and totally miserable the whole time.  I bribed them by telling them they couldn't go back to the pool unless they stood there and looked happy:)
It was a great trip with beautiful weather the whole time.  There was lots of fun playing the ocean except that one day when the waves were rough and I was trying to pretend like I was young.  Paul and I were riding waves with Rylee on boogie boards and I caught a wave that was so awesome, it pulled me right up on to the sand and scrapped my leg and hurt my elbow really bad.  Of course that didn't slow me down until elbow hurts really bad!!!  I'm sure it was a sight to see a 32 year old mother being drug across the sand.  My elbow was bleeding so I went to stick it in the salt water.  Doesn't salt water heal stuff like that?  Anyways, it was really funny because I was joking about how my blood was going to attract sharks and  like ten minutes later the life guards were making everybody get out of the water because a shark was spotted close by.  Ha...I know it had nothing to do with me but it scared my kids and made me laugh:)  I am sure the shark was chasing the people on the banana boats!
So what did I learn at the beach:
1.  I am not as young as I use to be but I am doing better than some!
2.  There is not only a weight limit but also an age limit for when women should stop wearing bikinis.  When we first pulled up to the hotel, there was a lady that was at least in her late 60's standing there in her STRING bikini.  She was not the only old lady that thought she looked good.
3. I shouldn't be boogie boarding.
4. A hotel room gets smaller and smaller the older my kids get.
5.  They let anybody visit the beach and they let them wear what they want!
6.  It is possible to tire Tegan out!!!
7.  Walks on the beach aren't as relaxing as I use to think they were.  Now they seem like work but I have to say that the beach was much easier this year than usual.  The older my kids get the more fun it is.
8.  It is impossible to make both kids happy at the same time.
9.  I just have to throw my germaphobic habits out the window and pray we make it home without being hit by a stomach bug or something worse.  Tegan will touch every single thing and make sure that nasty pool water from every pool enters his mouth.
10.  As always, when I look at the ocean I am reminded of how great and big our God is!  I love feeling renewed and peaceful and the ocean does that for me!
On a different note, as you can see I did a little blog makeover today.  I have played around and played around with this blog all morning.  I wanted something very simple and very clean looking.  I like the new simplicity of this blog so much that I may just do the same on my Cohen Lane blog. 

It feels like the week just started and it is already almost the weekend!  I love weeks like this!

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