Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Super Ty

A long while ago I stumbled upon a blog about a little boy fighting a hard and long battle.  It caught my attention and grabbed my heart because this precious boy, Ty, is the same age as my little boy.  I have followed the updates on facebook and the heartbreaking and sometimes miraculous blog post that his mom writes.  I don't know these people at all but I have prayed for this child and I have prayed for the heartbreak that this mom is going through.  Her faith is amazing even though her heart is hurting!  

I hadn't checked the blog for a few days until today.  The minute I did and I realized what the newest updates are and I saw his sweet and precious face in that picture, I started to cry....like a baby!  

If you do nothing else today, please say a prayer for this precious boy and his family as they walk through territory they have never been in before!
Ty Louis Campbell deserves nothing more than to be lifted up!! 
You can read their blog here (I recommend some tissue)....
You can follow them on facebook here....

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