Monday, August 27, 2012

Five Years Gone So Fast!

I can not believe that my baby boy is five years old today!!!  Oh how I love this kid!  He is so full of fun and has way more energy than me:)  He is doing great in kindergarten so far and has really been changing in the last couple of months.  He is turning in to a little boy instead of a wild child. 

 There is always a smile on his face and this boys eyelashes will melt your heart!  He has become so thoughtful lately.  After his party, he told me thank you a thousand times.  He was worried about if one of his teachers was a having a good birthday on the day of his party.  It is so sweet to watch him changing and thinking about things in a different way!
There is nothing better than a boy and his toys!  He loves tractors, trailers being pulled behind trucks, big monster trucks, etc...  My husband recently got a new trailer that pulls behind his truck for the four wheeler or lawnmower, this little boy thinks it is his and won't let my husband pull it unless he is with him. 

At five years old he still loves the color red, he is his mama's baby and his daddy's boy, he has child like faith that I have never seen before, he doesn't allow us to skip church very much, he eats very little but you can hand him a full drink and it is gone in 30 seconds, he adores his sister and is the light of our family!
There is nothing better than the fun that this little boy brings to our family!
 We celebrated him with a super fun Superhero party!

 I pray that this boy will always be this happy!  I pray that he will always have his daddy to guide him to become an amazing young man!  Even though I am sad to see him grow up, I am happy and blessed to be a part of his life and I can't wait to see what amazing things he does in his life.

 I love you with all my heart little man!  Happy 5th Birthday!


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  1. What a cute boy! He seems like a daredevil too! Some boys at that age can’t stand being on big and tall trucks. But your kid looks really comfortable and at home! By the way, belated happy birthday to your son!

    -Odessa Coldiron