Friday, September 7, 2012

Car Repairs.....

My husband is pretty much against car payments.  It is the one thing he hates to pay the most.  He really wants a newer (not new) truck but he just can't bring himself to have a car payment.  My Explorer is a 2003 year model and his truck is even older than that.  Time is not on our side.  I have had my car for about 6 years and the last four years it has been paid for.  Don't get me wrong, it is in pretty good shape but the repairs have been piling up on us lately.
A few months ago the old silver bullet had to have new tires.  So before vacation I went to go get the tires rotated. 
While there I decided to get the oil changed. 
While rotating the tires, the shop discovers that I need both front and back brakes. 
The back drivers side window has not let down for a while now.  Well during all of these cost, Tegan decides to try to let down his window and guess finally let down but wouldn't go back up.  Once we got it up, it wouldn't stay up. 
Then two days before we left for the beach, the compressor goes out in the A/C of the car and almost catches on fire. 
So here is your break down
New tires .....$600
Oil Change.....$38
New Brakes.....$300
Replacing the window motor (or whatever you call it).....$340
Replacing the compressor (or whatever it is called)....over $600
My suggestion was to just go and get a new car but my husband gave me the evil eye when I said that and said "your car should be good to go for a long time now".
Being a grown up sucks sometimes!
So how much money do you put in your old car before giving up and moving on to better things??


  1. I totally agree to get a new one, a well-conditioned one, rather than spend hundreds at least each month for repairs. The payments and the woes that come along with car maintenance and issues are frustrating.

  2. It is true that time is never on your side when it comes to your car’s lifespan. Hmm, I think it's better to have a second-hand car instead because, quality-wise, having a new second-hand car is a better investment (if you know how to choose the car with the best condition). Nevertheless, car repairs aren't a bad option at all, unless you choose the wrong person for the job. If you need any help, feel free to visit me. :)

    Rita McCall