Thursday, June 21, 2012

We Are Moving!!!

We have been given an opportunity to own and move in to my husband's childhood home that is surrounded by land (which makes my heart happy since we live right on the road right now).

Now I shall start by saying that we are very humble people.  As I have said on here before, we don't go out and buy the newest, most expensive things but that is our choice and our choices have been leading us to GREAT & STRESS FREE places these days.  My plan at the beginning of this year was that this would be the year that we would buy a different, much newer and more permanent home.  My how my plans are not my own!!  I made one random comment about this home late one night and the next thing I know my husband is running with it!  Note to self:  Keep mouth shut until you are 100% sure of what you are saying.  I'm just kidding...sort of!!!   

What in the world were we thinking??  We are now the proud owners of a slightly smaller and much older home than our current one but the location of it is SOOOO much better because it is off the road and a whole lot more private.  We have been working hard the past couple of weeks to remodel and update what we can because as with everything we do, we are paying for it out of pocket so this will for sure be a work in progress for some time.  So to answer any questions, yes we are remaining debt free during this whole process.  That is the beauty and the blessing that I didn't foresee when I thought we would buy a newer home than this one in 2012.  I guess I can save my debt filled dream of a newer home for a much later date:) 

I am humbled by this home but yet also excited and happy by what the Lord is providing for us.  While this move is a choice, not a have to, it wasn't what I had planned but I am ready to make this home my own.  I am making it in to something I am proud of.  And maybe, just maybe I can find a way to keep it clutter free:)  Heehee!  I can hear my family laughing especially since I can't do that now in a bigger place!  

I have not seen my husband this happy since his dad got sick and passed away almost six years ago.  What makes him happy, makes me happy {most of the time}.

So here is just a tiny view of where we will be moving to just as soon as I can slap some paint on those dark paneled walls (yes it has panel walls and did have wallpaper). 

I can assure you that there will be lots and lots of before and after pictures as this whole process comes together!  That little building that you see to the right of the house is a life saver as we remodel.  It has a pool table, ping pong table and TV so it has been keeping the kids out of our hair!
Now please excuse me while I go attempt to paint THREE bedrooms in ONE day:(  Painting party anyone???



  1. Congrats Tabatha and family!!! So exciting!

  2. Im real happy for yall!! Ive always loved that home!! Its always been beautiful...!! God is amazing!! Tabatha, you have a beautiful heart, and you are real!! I love Paul and Amy so much!! I really admire all the things you do... You are an inspiration!!
    Love 1st cousin, Rosie lol