Friday, June 1, 2012

If I can't survive the Tweens....

Is a 9 1/2 year old considered a Tween yet?  If not, please help me from what is to come.  My little lady is a very sweet and helpful kid but boy she is going through some changes.  Now granted, she has had a pretty rough year and her baby brother lives to aggravate her but I have never seen her so frustrated in all her days.  
If her brother looks at her from across the room, she FREAKS OUT!!!!  She wants alone time ALL THE TIME!!!  What's up with that....are we not "cool" enough for her to hang out with us???

Seriously though she has started pulling the guilt card on me.  In fact, the past several weeks she has managed to make me cry and be pretty upset on several different occasions.  She isn't talking to me ugly b/c she doesn't do that (she does still have some sweetness in her) but she has in some ways made me feel like I wasn't a very good mother.  She has questioned me on things and one night at supper when I was kidding and told her she didn't love me, she said she couldn't deny that.  Ummm....what???  
She has said things to me that made me feel like she could take me or leave me.  The second she sensed my weakness and saw that it bothered me, she played that card to death.

Then one day I was getting on to Tegan for doing something.  She tried to step in and correct me on something.  It was at that moment when I realized she had tricked me and taken over.  I was scared to get on to her because I didn't want her mad at me.  She had me right where she wanted me.  It was also at that moment that Tegan totally got away with whatever thing he was doing because my attention turned to her.  I very quickly realized that she doesn't have to like me but she does have to respect me.  I informed her in my best nice mommy voice that I wasn't here to be her friend, I was her mama and she was going to respect that.  I told her that as much as I want her to be happy, she is still a kid and she isn't in charge of this ship....I am!  The look on her face was priceless and she hasn't made any of those attempts to make me feel bad ever since.

Only problem now is that she has turned those tween frustrations on her brother.  Poor kid can't make a move without her freaking out and guess what, he is feeding off of it.  I know it is just a phase and to be honest, if this is the worst she does I will be golden (let a mama dream please).


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