Friday, June 15, 2012

The Hand That Feeds You!

The old saying "Don't bite the hand that feeds you" is so true.  When it comes to my kids, they would both probably tell you that I am the one that takes care of them.  I am the one that cooks their food, fixes their plates, washes their clothes, picks up behind them, gives baths, sits up with them all night when they are sick and on and on.  I don't point these out to complain.  It is just what I do.  I like to take care of them.  The aggravating part comes when I am in the bathroom and their daddy is in the kitchen but yet they will come in the bathroom to ask me to fix them something to drink.  Hello....your daddy is in the kitchen and is totally capable of doing it just as well as me.  

When they were both babies, they would let Paul feed them any bottle of the day {gasp...she is a bottle feeder} except the very last bottle before bed.  It was the strangest thing because they would both literally scream, cry and throw their body around until their daddy would hand them to me.  I can remember being sick to my stomach at feeding time one night and my poor husband was doing everything he could to get Tegan to eat his last bottle.  I could hear him all the way across the house screaming bloody murder.

They both were/are the same way with a bath.  It is/was(I say that b/c Ry does it herself now) always like punishment to them if their daddy bathes them and instead of me doing it.  Not because I do it better but that is just not part of their routine.

The whole thing can be very aggravating and flattering all at the same time for me but I can't say that my husband feels the same about that.  This is where the "Don't bite the hand that feeds you" comes in to play b/c he feeds them just like me but in different ways.

Since Tegan was born I have mostly worked from home (except the past year) so I am with them 24 hours a day when they aren't in school.  It is hard for them to see the invisible things that their daddy does for them.  Recently when I was talking to my husband he said something about "not feeling like he was a good daddy b/c he doesn't get to spend the time with them that he wants".  I think that is silly.  He is a wonderful dad and has a whole lot more patience with them than I do.  
So what I would like to say to my children (and to him) is....
Your daddy working 40 to 50 hours (and then some) a week is what provides you with the food that I prepare, the clothes that I wash, the toys that I pick up, right down to the bar of soap that I use to wash your little bottoms.  Those hands, the ones that you bite sometimes, provide you with so much.  Those hands are what keeps us afloat.  Those hands are perfect!!!
When he comes home from work and has to head straight to the lawnmower, he does that so that you can play in a nice yard.
This list could go on and on forever but the whole point is that my husband is a great father and I know that my kids know that.  

I hope that my husband never doubts that he is a great father!  
I love him very much and hope he has a super  Father's Day!!!!  


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