Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Not Happening Vacation:(

Que the cries!!!!
Well I booked my vacation reservations back in February....that was a long time for vacation build up!  My dear husband wasn't going to be able to go so I talked (didn't take much) my oldest sister and her kids in to coming along.  I had already gotten the snacks and food prepared to go.  The deposit had been paid and the time was finally here!  It wasn't a huge vacation but just 3 short nights at the beach.  Well a darn tropical storm decided to come along and ruin the whole thing.  All these months I have been planning and preparing washed away b/c for two of the three full days that we would be there, it would be doing lots and lots of raining.  Did I mention that my sister has 5 kids (she really has six but one is out of the house already)???  Did I mention that we would all be in one suite together?  Yes it has two rooms but that is still a lot of kids, 7 total including mine, to be stuck in a hotel room with for two days and only get one really good day of weather to enjoy before having to head back home!  

So instead I am in rainy Georgia and working like crazy on my business stuff trying to distract myself.  I guess the good thing is that they were willing to transfer my deposit to another week and it is a week that my husband will for sure be able to go with us.  The bad news is, it is THREE MONTHS away!!!!!  Stayed tune to see if I go crazy before then!!!

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