Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sum, Sum, Summertime

So it is officially summer around here. The crazy Georgia weather went from long sleeves last week to the 90's this week but most importantly school is out and soccer is over. I'm pretty sure that Tegan was more excited than Ry about school being out. Poor child would try to the bitter end to talk me out of taking him to school everyday, even the last day. I think he loved it and it was good for him but he just preferred to be home.
Ry is always sad to see school end and misses her friends. She is already talking about the first day of 3rd grade!!! Yes you heard that right, my sweet girl will be in 3rd grade. I posted on facebook last week that I didn't think that I look old enough to have a 3rd grader. I kind of look like I may have possibly had her at 12 years old:)
There will be a big change with Tegan and his school situation next year. We were very sad to leave the preschool that he has been going to. It was the preschool that Rylee went to until kindergarten so I fully expected Tegan to do the same. But things have changed and our situation is much different now. We made the decision to send him to the pre-k program at Ry's school. I don't like the thoughts of my little man going to a big kid school but I do like the thoughts of both of my kids being at the same school. Plus I have heard rave reviews about the pre-k teacher that he will have and I am sure she will not disappoint. His name was literally drawn out of a hat so Paul believes that was God's favor:)
Summer is already proving to be a struggle with these two little ones. Tegan is bored and is harassing his sister. Rylee is bored and bossing Teg around. Let the fighting begin. As we speak right now I can't get Tegan to bed at 10:42 pm. He is actually laying in the hallway floor b/c he said he doesn't like his bed anymore.

Going backwards....the last week of school was a busy week. I had Tegan's end of the year picnic, Rylee's two award ceremonies and Rylee's end of the year play. I did more running around than cleaning like I had planned. In fact, I did no cleaning....what else is new!

This is a picture of Tegan at his end of the year picnic with some of his friends.

He was so proud to show me how he can pump his legs and swing on his own.

His very best preschool friend!

Rylee receiving one of her classroom awards. She ended the day with a total of 5 awards!

So happy!

End of the year play. It was super cute!

Rylee with the wonderful Mrs. Brock, her 2nd grade teacher. Shout out to Mrs. Brock for being a wonderful, patient and inspiring woman in my daughter's life. She loved every minute of her second grade year and I know that had a lot to do with this amazing teacher. She kept Rylee in perfect balance by letting her show just enough of her creativity to keep her on course.

Hugging her proud Daddy!

If you don't hear back from me in a week then send back-up.....the kids will have taken over!!!!

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