Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Perspective and Grace

Meet Jessica and her precious daughter Kolbi Lee. Jessica is the younger sister of a high school friend. I use to spend a lot of time at their house during my teenage days but as life does, we all went in different directions. I have lately reconnected with Jessica and another dear friend, April. I like to call our get togethers "Talk Therapy".

Today I came with my two healthy kids to meet April, Jessica and Kolbi Lee at a park so the kids could play and we could sit and chat. I get out of the car and watch Tegan, who was told he may never walk, run off in excitement to play. Jessica pulls up and unloads a carload of stuff just to be able to get Kolbi from point A to point B but I never heard a complaint. Jessica is independent and wouldn't accept much help from me or April. But the most important thing I can say about Jessica is that she holds Kolbi Lee as a blessing in her life. She has taken something that God gave her that others would see as a burden and put her whole heart in to it. It is so amazing and so inspiring to watch her "make lemonade". Kolbi Lee is such a little angel and has already blessed so many. In her on way today, without even knowing it, she gave me perspective on life as her mom helped to show me grace. My life isn't is down right rough at times. I withdraw and put up walls when something happens that I don't like. Jessica has no idea what to expect from her daughter's life. There are no other kids with her condition for her to look to as an example and yet she loves with her whole heart. She doesn't think about her circumstances but just does it with grace, independence and as a fierce advocate for her daughter.

Let's face it, being a grown up sucks sometimes but complaining and giving up is not an option. Learning to handle life with grace, ease and less complaining is what life is about. Who knows...maybe Jessica and Kolbi Lee have just taught me the secret to my own happiness:)

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