Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mama!!!

Even though I work weekend nights, I was able to salvage some of Mother's Day and enjoy it. I had went to lunch with my mom and two sisters last Friday b/c I knew that I wouldn't be able to function much on Sunday. I was able to go out to eat with my little ones which always reminds me that being a mommy means NEVER having a day off. Rylee complained about her food, Tegan wouldn't eat and they both got tired of sitting there. But all in all it was a good little celebration. I am always thankful for my children and yet sad for the one I am missing which makes Rylee and Tegan that much more of a blessing to me. I'm not always a perfect mommy and they aren't always the most calm and respectful children but they are my blessings that I am oh so thankful for everyday....all three of them!

Well Tegan didn't want his picture made and my loving husband didn't realize he had on his sunglasses....story of my life!

Hope you all had a very blessed Mother's Day!!!

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