Sunday, July 25, 2010

We Ran Away...

We had this week long vacation planned for the beginning of the summer...I had planned and researched and wanted to please everyone. Then my hubby got a new job and the vacation had to be cancelled. I was mad but I got over it b/c truth be told I always want to go somewhere but I have huge issues with being away from home. But putting my own issues aside I planned just a quick overnight trip for me, the hubby and the two rug rats. Saturday morning we got up, made a stop at krispy cream and headed to the mountains. Helen is not all that far from our house. It actually only takes around an hour (or less with my husband driving) to get there. We went tubing down the river with about a thousand other people with the same idea. Helen has an awesome river for tubing and a money maker. Then we headed up the mountain to Hiawassee. This place means a lot to me b/c it is where my grandparents had a getaway house for all of my childhood days. Hiawassee is known for its Georgia Mountain Fair so we picked the hottest part of the day and enjoyed ourselves. We ate, walked through craft booths where I got some cute ideas and then headed to the rides. I don't really ride the rides b/c they make my head spin and it doesn't stop for days which is exactly what Rylee says it does to her...must be genetic:) But little old Teg does not have that same issue and would go on any ride his daddy was willing to take him on. When we would tell Tegan he could ride something he would jump up and down and was so excited. Once we had sweat out all of our body fluids, we went to the famous Deer Lodge to eat and headed back over the mountain to Helen. We didn't get to check in to our hotel until around 7:30 and unfortunately witnessed a kid being life flighted across the street from us for a near drowning in the river. We were told the kid was going to be fine and watched the helicopter as it took off. Then we went to the pool just before we crashed. Well me and Paul crashed but our kids continued to giggle and play until they had to be separated which meant I had to sleep with Teg and hubby slept with Rylee. I have to say I was worried about how Teg would sleep but once I laid down with him, he snuggled up close and went right to sleep.
It wasn't the vacation I had dreamed and planned for but it was a great trip for just the four of us. Something that we rarely do!! As long as Rylee had a bottle of water in her hands she was great. Tegan SHOCKED me! Usually we have to literally put him on a leash or in his stroller but not this trip. He was perfect and walked like a big boy. He never had to be confined and when we went tubing he just sat in his own float (tied to Paul) for TWO hours and was such a big boy. This was probably the most pleasant outing (including all grocery stores, restaurants, etc..) that I have had with Tegan since he started walking. I was so happy to see that the crowds, loud noises and lots of stimulation didn't bother him...I think this is a first for him!
Even though I had my SLR camera on hand, I didn't get it out the whole time we were there and instead rediscovered the joy of a teeny tiny point and shoot camera. So the pictures aren't what they could have been but better than nothing. I didn't get many but I tried:)

Ry on the way!

The first ride they went on and they were both terrified for the first 30 seconds but after that it was fair game for Teg!

I resisted the funnel cakes b/c apparently people think that since I am 30 I shouldn't eat things like that anymore.

He is such a kid!

Precious Babies!

If you look close you will see that Teg is down in there next to him. This is not a kiddie ride and since I couldn't see his face I was terrified that he was screaming and upset but nope he was all smiles and asked to ride it again!

They are just to cool for their own good:)

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  1. Looks like ya'll had a blast. It's weird somtimes how the last minute trips are the best!!