Sunday, July 18, 2010

Things will change soon...

I can't seem to figure out where the first half of the year has gone. We will soon be celebrating my baby boy's 3rd birthday and before you know it, Christmas. In just 2 1/2 short weeks Ry will be starting the 2nd grade and in 3 weeks Tegan will be leaving my care (or a family members care) for the first time and heading off to preschool. Some days I want to burst in to tears about this but more so lately I have been ready. He is a sweet, energetic little boy that knocks me to my knees some days. Actually both of my kids are pretty high maintenance so they don't leave time for much else when they are both home all day long with me. Teg will only go for half days and for the first two months my school schedule doesn't happen to land during the time that he will be gone so guess what....I GET that time to do WHATEVER I WANT!!! Unfortunately that time will be filled with homework and a complete and total clean out of my entire house. I have actually laid out in my head (and maybe on paper) all of the things I plan to clean during the four hours he is at school each day. Who knows, I may get crazy and go for a nice long walk:) Seriously though, I totally expect to cry and I'm sure he will too. I am making no promises to anyone that he will not come back home with me instead of staying behind. Rylee was never a clingy kid. She was always independent and a social butterfly so I never worried a second about her but Tegan, well let's just say if I could fit him in my pocket I would place him there and carry him around with me 24/7! Unless the good Lord sees fit to bypass a vasectomy and the hit or miss birth control pills I take, he will be my last birthed child! This is going to be rough but as my sister keeps reminding me, about a week into this transition I am going to be floating on a plush cotton cloud that doesn't come down until 12:00 daily!!! I just want a clean house and then he can go back to staying home with me everyday:)

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