Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pictures with COLOR

I take pictures which means that I am never in them so when another local photographer offered to do a trade off, I jumped at the chance. She recently did our pictures for us and I will be doing her family pictures for her soon. Let's start this off by telling you that my hubby HATES to have his picture made but after some nagging explaining of how important having a good family photo is to me, he cooperated better than EVER before. Every picture starting with our dating days, wedding day, child birthing days and between, shows a man who refused to have even a smirk on his face so I am very proud of him for doing this. Rylee is a rock star picture taker but Tegan...if I could tie him in my lap and it not be noticeable in the picture then that is what I would do.
I thought long and hard before picking out the clothing for our pictures. Our last family pictures consisted of all white shirts. The trend for a family is to all wear the same solid color. I am here to tell you that if you want your picture to pop DON'T DO THAT!!! You don't have to be matchy matchy for a great picture just don't be to clashy clashy (is that a word). So I picked out what the kids would wear and went to the local Cato's and bought my top for a small $9.99. Then there was Paul to deal with....he wears dark colors like all the time. The choices were pretty much grey, grey, dark blue or grey. He did still have that white shirt from last years pictures so I was just going to talk him in to wearing that but in the end, GREY won the battle. I think the colors (and the photographer:) made these pictures look great!!!
Not sure what Teg is doing with his hand/arm but this is the best picture of all of us!

Always a beauty!

See Paul in the background...great picture!

I like this one but I think Tegan was watching a truck going down the road. If you know him you know that anything with wheels grabs his attention.

All time favorite picture!!! Do you see it....hubby is smiling, like really smiling!

Love this one of me and my lady!

So sweet!

I was trying to talk him in to something but it wasn't working! When he doesn't want to do something he crosses his arms.

I love this one b/c I love how Teg is looking up at his daddy!
It was a great experience and one that I am sure I will not get out of Paul for another 2 years but at least these turned out great and I am super happy with them. If the photographer had a website I would link you to it but she is just getting things going and is already doing an awesome job!!!
So for your next family pictures think COLOR...all different COLORS! Only have one or two patterns in the picture (ex. Ry's dress) so that it doesn't look to busy. Pair up colors that you usually wouldn't pair up.
Sit down, shut up and smile...it really will be painless:)

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  1. I like the one from behind...can you do this too like with the dark black shadows?