Monday, February 8, 2010

Where is Supernanny when you need her?

Around Christmas my dad built Rylee a full size bed for her new "I'm not a toddler anymore" bedroom. Well we took her twin size bed and put it in Tegan's room with the hopes the he would smoothly transition right over in to it. Well he didn't like it at first and would ask to get in his baby bed...luckily we left it set up until we seen how he would do. Then he suddenly took an interest in the bed and now screams bloody murder wanting to get in it. Friday night he finally went to sleep in his big boy bed but then woke up at 4:30 am ready to start his day. Needless to say mommy put him in his baby bed where he screamed for a VERY LONG time. Then Saturday night he wanted to try again, so I said yes and put him in his big boy bed. Well we returned him to his bed over 20 times just as Super nanny recommends but it was so not working for us. At one point he stopped coming out of his room and it didn't take us long to figure out why, he had turned on the light and was playing in the toy box:) So I talked him in to going in to his baby bed and thankfully he slept all night and late on Sunday morning.
Yesterday as I was getting him ready for his bath he was having a total conversation with me about his big boy bed:
Teg: "I wike (like) my big boy bed"
Me: "You do? Well why won't you stay in it?"
Teg: with this surprised wide eyed look he says "I not know mommy. It hard to tay (stay) in my big boy bed but I wike it"
I couldn't help but laugh at him b/c it was like he was telling me that it is just to tempting to not get up.
So last night we tried it again. He went to bed at 8:30 and sometime after 10:00 daddy had enough and put him in his baby bed. He woke up at 3:18 am screaming and wanting to get in his big boy bed so I laid down with him thinking he would fall asleep there. No such luck. At 5:00 AM I bribed my 2 year old back in to his baby bed by telling him I would give him some juice! It worked, I went back to sleep and am preparing to do it all over again tonight:)

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    I use my embroidery machine for my appliques. I do not use it for any sewing at all.