Sunday, February 28, 2010

American Girl Experience to Remember!!

It was a beautiful Friday. The sun was out, the weather was warm and the wind wasn't blowing. Everyone was well for one whole day around here and there was lots of excitement in the air. As we got ready that morning we finally told Rylee that she would be spending the day with me and her bestest friend in the whole world at the American Girl Doll Store in Atlanta. There would be Five of us total going: Me, Rylee, Emma, Callie and their mother who has chosen to remain nameless:) We had planned to leave at 11:00 am that morning to get our day started but there was a slight delay when Dena got lost coming to my house on the very roads that she has traveled:) It was funny to me but for her sweet daughter Callie, she wasn't thrilled and was actually praying that the Lord would get them to my house. everyone is in the car, we are traveling and making good time on the long drive to Atlanta. The girls are enjoying each other and asking are we there yet and me and Dena the one who shall remain nameless are having great conversation and making future plans for a double family vacation together. Just as we were in the Gwinnett area (I'm really not sure if that's where we were or not) there is a faint little noise from the backseat and I watched the nameless one begin to panic while looking for a bowl in the back floorboard of the car. Now imagine sitting in my I turned around and looked, in total slow motion Emma (Rylee's best friend) projectile vomits and 90% of it landed all over my child. If we would have been able to measure it I am pretty sure it would be a whole gallon of vomit! Well this germaphobe mom...that would be me...was shocked. As I watched Dena the nameless one spring in to action and try to figure out what to do, I just sat there...shocked and holding back my own vomit. I'm pretty sure the nameless one was thinking "why in the heck isn't she helping me get throw-up off her child" but I just sat there SHOCKED! So the nameless one quickly assures me that Sweet Emma gets car seat A LOT and very easily but that didn't stop me from watching her all day long praying that she didn't start to look weak and pale and appear to be real sick. We pull in to a Babies R Us, where I go buy some wipes and some sort of lavender spray stuff and then I run in an Old Navy and buy all new clothes for my little one. The nameless one gets the car clean and strips Rylee down out of her clothes. Emma is all smiles and feeling good and Callie is super funny as she walks past the front of Old Navy while I am checking out, holding a bucket of vomit wipes and smiling giving me a thumbs up. I laughed out loud and noticed people were looking at me like I was crazy.
So we finally get back on the road, only now we are running behind instead of ahead. We get back in to great conversation but I also kept one eye on Emma in the back seat looking for any signs of sickness. As we talk away, we get a little lost and then find our way only to realize that somehow we may have gotten there but have no idea exactly how we got there.
We had 2:00 reservations for a late lunch at the American Girl Bistro, we arrive at the front door at 1:50 pm. Me and the girls rush in while nameless one parks the car. We quickly navigate the store thanks to the old pros Callie and Emma. We find Rylee a doll in record time and get to our table for lunch. Little things happen around us...silverware is being knocked in the floor, cloth napkins are being dropped in hot chocolate, my daughter attempts to eat a paper product of some kind, and the nameless one tells the girls that I had just ordered turkey panties instead of the turkey panini that I was sure I had ordered.
$180.00 (just for Rylee's stuff and the two of us to eat) later....we are out of the store.
We begin the long ride home hoping for a vomit free ride right about time for everyone in the State of Georgia to get off work and try to get home on a Friday afternoon. We sit in some traffic but not to awful bad. Make it to 85 and pray for a smooth ride home. I'm pretty sure the nameless one saw her life fly before her eyes twice while I only got the luxury of experiencing it once. She was driving so she could see that at one point we were not only about to rear end the car in front of us but be plowed over by a large SUV that was hauling butt right toward us all while there was a block wall on one side and a wall of traffic on the other. We recover and continue forward. Then there was that thing with the two transfer trucks where one has to slam on his breaks so the one that was behind it but in front of us has to slam on his breaks only almost lose control. When I say his tires had smoke and fire coming out from under them...I am not exaggerating! The top of his truck was swaying and I was pretty sure it was going to land on us at any second. He regains control but never slows down. It was at this point that me and the nameless one were both saying that we would be so happy to be back in our own area. Her cell phone rung and she said...not now!!!
We make it home with some tired and ill little ladies in the back seat.
All of this made for a crazy day but I have to say it was one of the funniest days I have had in a while. Dena Nameless one is a laid back faithful lady and she helped to teach me to remain calm and laugh through it. As we sat at the Bistro eating, we laughed at everything and it is so true that laughter is good for the heart. Even though we almost got killed a couple of times, there was vomit, etc...we laughed our way through and made some wonderful memories with a precious little girls and with each other as friends. It was a good day, a great day!
Rylee got a really cute doll that although it looks a little dark in the light at home, looks a lot like her. To top the day off...she said this was the best day ever!!! Taking your daughter to the American Girl Doll Store at some point in her life albeit expensive, is a wonderful experience that you shouldn't miss out on!
Thanks DenaNameless one, Callie and Emma for joining us!!! You guys are awesome!

Me and my baby girl at the American Girl store! I'm thinking that me, Rylee and the doll all look an awful lot alike!

All three girls in front of the store!

Rylee and Emma playing with their dolls while waiting for our lunch!
Rylee Bug enjoying her hot chocolate...Fancy style of course.

Sweet Emma, looking well and happy! Rylee loves this little girl to death!

Callie, Emma's big sister, is one of the sweetest girls and never ever takes a bad picture!

Rylee and her doll are ready for lunch! I love how this place puts the dolls in high chair and brings them a menu and a muffin. They have thought of everything!

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