Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Post...

Saturday we had this great idea that we were going to get on the Wii bandwagon and go get us one. We thought we had accomplished something great by not fighting the crowds looking for one at Christmas time...well no one told us they would be so hard to find a month or more after Christmas. On Saturday alone we went to 8 ( yes EIGHT) locations and every place was sold out. Paul and Rylee were slightly disappointed to say the least. Of course I want to get the wii fit thing but Paul says it will be a waste of money! As if he is saying that I won't use it...not sure where he gets that from?

I started a photography class at UGA last night. I already learned a few things about my menu settings that I didn't have a clue about. The only thing is that the teacher has a Nikon, so he keeps showing us his Nikon menu and it is not the same as the Canon. Luckily there are several other people in the class that have Canons too so they keep asking questions. I hope I learn a lot in the class!

I am attempting to potty train Tegan which he actually does pretty good at with a pull up on. I'm so tired of changing diapers!!! There has been some crying during this potty training process but I'm sucking it up and drying my tears:)

School...well I am hanging in the school thing. I have went from one program change to another while trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up:) I think I am finally going to go back to what I started for and focus on something in the health field even though I am pretty sure that is what 90% of all college students are going to school for now.

And that is all for this random Tuesday post...thank you for joining us and come back soon!

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