Monday, October 13, 2008

What....a late NOT ME MONDAY!

So I am living proof that if you wait long enough something will happen just at the end of Monday so that you can display your mothering skills to the world for "Not Me Monday". I thought I had gotten away with it this week but nope....not so lucky.

I did not try to stuff my 14 month old into a Halloween custom that was to small for him only to have my hand slip and my long finger nails put a cut right in the side of his face. Nope, not me!

"look what you did to this sweet face!"

"Just for that I will drink all the milk I want"

"I think I will just hide over here behind this recliner. Your dangerous"

Needless to say the lion outfit looks more like a skin tight 70's velour jogging suit and isn't going to work. But he has the battles wounds to prove we tried really hard!
And that my friend is not me Monday!

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  1. Don't worry.. it won't leave a scar. I had beautiful fake nails before I had kids.. and scratched my babies way too many times. Now, I have nubs!! Found you on MckMama and wanted to stop in and say Hello. Love your blog!