Monday, October 27, 2008


How is it that every week I seem to have things for not me Monday that I would normally never tell?

Let's see...Thanks to my sister (Shannon) pointing it out this morning I came through again with a last minute not me Monday. I did not stand there and see my precious little man fall down and hit his head on the coffee table only to pick him up and comfort him with food when he wouldn't stop crying. Actually, had this have happened he would have ate and entire bowl of grits and a whole bunch of dry cheerios just to make him happy again. Nope not me.

I must certainly did not stand outside the church nursery door for a good 10 minutes and listen to Tegan screaming before finally just leaving and going out in to church anyways...while he was still screaming. I couldn't do that!

I'll do one for just me. I did not drop my "pill" in the bathroom sink full of draining soapy water only to stop it from draining and frantically search for it. If I would have found it, it would have been covered with soap and half dissolved but I would have took it anyway! Good thing that didn't happen to me.

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  1. Are you ready for me to post some Ivey pics in her adorable UGA dress?

  2. So very funny!!!! I have chased down those "pills" like crazy, too. Why don't they give an extra?

  3. yeah i can't have any thing near a drain that could fall down it, lol