Friday, October 17, 2008

God cares about kidney stones...

It's starting to look like I only post on Not Me Monday....sorry about that. By the way, if you click on the big "Not Me Monday" sign in those post, it will take you to a website worth reading. The outcome to her roller coaster story will be coming very soon.

Anyways, I know you are wondering what my topic means so here you go. A few weeks ago I posted and said that I had to have a CT scan for some pain in my left side. Well the scan showed that all was well from what they could see except one small little thing, a kidney stone in my left kidney! Great! So the nurse continues to tell me about how painful passing a kidney stone is and that I may not be dieing (which I disagree with b/c everyone is dieing on any given day) but I am going to think I am when that stone tries to come out. Now I should disclose that I am a very anxious person so immediately after finding out this information my pain became worse from my head to my kidney. I didn't want to go anywhere for fear that this thing was going to try to kill me while standing in the check-out line at Wal-mart. Let's face it, we all stand in those long lines for countless minutes while wondering why all these registers are sitting empty and if we should go back and trade in our milk but that's another post. Anyways, I decided to throw it out there to God that I was pretty sure that he could get rid of this kidney stone without causing me any pain or even knowing about it. I asked for it either to happen quick or for him just to decide to remove it without the whole process. Apparently he thought I didn't need to go through anymore pain these days and just decided to remove it. I had one or two really short and smalls pains on Sunday but then never anything else. I went to have an x-ray at a urologist on Monday and like an answered prayer, it was gone!!!! Never did I go through the process or even know that it came out....if it did come out....maybe God just said *poof* your prayer is answered. Sorry, I was really hoping to share pictures with you of my kidney stone and I know you are so disappointed by this but what can I say, I'm blessed! Now if the original pain in my side that I had went to the Dr. for would just go away. I'm think I will wait that out before jumping in to more test.
The point is that God cares about all our struggles even if it is just a kidney stone!

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