Wednesday, October 29, 2008

And the conversation goes like this...

I've had a hard day. Fussy kids and lots of stuff to do. More on that later. Rylee tonight had some of the cutest questions that I have ever heard.

Our preacher left the church this past weekend. Carl was always great to us and Rylee really liked him. Tonight she was talking about being sad that he was gone and not going to be there anymore. I was trying to explain to her that preachers move on to other churches b/c that is was God tells them to do. She responds with "why do preachers hear God but we can't?" I tried my best to explain but I'm still not sure she gets it.

Then right before bed time we were watching my favorite show Jon and Kate plus 8. They were talking about renewing their vows and writing their vows for each other. She comes to me and tells me that "she loved me so much that she would write her VOWELS for me too!" And she did!

If you get a chance, stop by Mckmama and see her miracle. The short story...when she was around 23 weeks preggo she was told her son had a heart defect and he would not survive so she started blogging and inlisted thousands of people to pray for him. Today he was born healthy!

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