Tuesday, January 22, 2013


First of all, y'all are not going to believe how busy my little online business, Cohen Lane, has been.  Wow!!!!  If you are joining in on my family blog b/c you got the link from my about me page in my etsy shop, WELCOME! 

We've been dealing with a tiny situation in my household that I may or may not blog about at some point.  I think others could benefit from it but I can see the judgements sliding my way.  

Over the weekend my sweet T promised that he will always be my baby.  He said "eben when I am firty two and dats old mommy".  Thanks son for reminding me that I am 32 and officially old!
We celebrated Ry's 10th birthday last weekend.  Yes I know I create party invitations and decorations but we skipped the big party this year.  She wanted Mexican food on her actual birthday and the next day she wanted a day full of shopping, food, fro yo and her best friend.  I was only there to drive them around and fund the trip.  These girls shopped me until I dropped.  They had fun at Claire's, Bath & Body works, Learning Express, Barnes & Noble and a few other places that I can't remember b/c I am pretty sure I was consoling my wallet while it was crying from feeling so empty inside.
We then had a great lunch at one of her fav's, Chili's!  Yummo!
But I think the very best part of the day was Menchie's.  We love that place.  Who knew that self serve frozen yogurt could make my heart so happy!
My wallet has continued to make loud sobbing noises as we have gotten the kiddos signed up for their spring activities.  Teg is so excited to play t-ball again and continues to make me promise to "neber eber sign him up for soccer again".  I lost some major cool points for that one.
As much as we tried to talk Ry in to trying softball, it isn't meant to be.  For a couple of days we had her but then she backtracked.  I kind of wish she would try it but at the same time, she is her mother's child so it is probably best.  The thing is, I wanted her to do something active so I was very excited when something at least a little active just fell in my lap.  She signed up for a great Jazz/tap class.  I hope she loves it and even if she doesn't, after all the money I have put in to it, I will make her love it:)
The best part is that she is in an early class so that means I don't have to miss out on any of Tegan's t-ball.  Win Win for me!
It feels like a Monday here but I keep being pleasantly surprised when it hits me that it is already Tuesday:)
Have a great week everyone!!!!

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