Friday, January 25, 2013

A little ice and the one who snores

When you live in Georgia, you never know what the weather will bring.  Just two weeks ago it was warm enough to wear flip flops and shorts but now it is freezing with the threat of an ice/sleet/rain mix.
We panic when we hear the words wintery mix in Georgia.  I'm sure all you northerners find us very amusing.  There were even some schools that called off school just because there was a threat of rain.  
While Ry was in her first dance class yesterday, I went to the grocery store next door to grab a few things.  People were in there buying the essential milk and bread when there is a threat of bad weather but not me, I was in there making sure I had lots of Little Debbie cakes and chips to snack on.  If I am going to be stuck in the house, I'm not going to be eating milk and bread.  Ha! 

If you have ever ate at P.F. Chang's, you know how amazing their food is.  I have been craving their Chinese food but since the closest one is about 45 minutes away, I settled for our local little hole in the wall Chinese place for dinner last night.  Note to self....never settle again!  The best part of the meal was the fortune cookie and I don't mean eating it, I mean the excitement of reading the fortune.
Unfortunately for me, this was what was in mine.....
They aren't telling me something that I don't already know!  In fact, when I use to wake Paul up to tell him he was snoring, he would get so mad at me and swear he wasn't and wonder why I was waking him up.  So I found a new method:)  Now when he starts snoring (which isn't bad) I will act like I am moving in my sleep and knock the fool out of him. is so much fun.  Not only do I get to practically push him off the bed but it works!  He will stir just enough to roll over and stop snoring but yet he doesn't get mad at me b/c he doesn't realize I am doing it to him.
I find that the longer we are married and the older we get, the more creative I 
become at getting what I want!  
Happy Friday everyone!  Have a great, safe and blessed weekend!!!!

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