Friday, October 19, 2012

Favorite Things Friday

Usually Friday is one of my favorite things but since it is the day before hunting season begins, I'm not that excited.  My husband has big plans to hunt this season which means I will be a hunter's widow for the next 3 months:(

To brighten things up around here....I am doing a cheap version of my favorite things!
During the winter time, I always have really dry lips.  It has gotten much better the older that I get but that may be b/c I am addicted to this Nivea lip balm.  I love it.  The one I have doesn't really have a color tint to it but it does add a shine like lip gloss but hydrates my lips like chap stick.  I can't remember exactly how much this was but I am pretty sure I didn't pay more than $3 for it at Walmart.
I am horrible at applying makeup.  I like the idea of makeup but I don't like the time and expense that goes in to it.  That is something else that I am sure I will start finding the time to get better at the older that I get.  One goal I have is to figure out how to put on eyeliner.  Would you believe that I am 32 years old and have never worn eyeliner before???  But I will OCCASIONALLY wear mascara.  Since I only wear it every now and then, the last thing I want to do is pay a fortune.  So I was so excited when I noticed that Walmart now has E.L.F. brand makeup.  I had never tried this makeup but I have heard of it and heard great things about it.  They have eyeshadow for $1.00!!!!  They also have mascara that is anywhere from $1 to $3.  I bought this double use tube (one side is waterproof) for $3 and I love it. I know some of you are going to think I am out of my mind with this next one.  I can not walk outside without sunglasses.  I must have them all the time.  The problem is that I am obviously cheap.  I just can't pay tons of money for expensive sunglasses because I tend to misplace things all the time.  One day I was out and had forgotten my sunglasses at home so I just wanted a cheap pair to put on.  I just happen to be in the Dollar Tree....yes, I bought a pair of $1 sunglasses at the Dollar Tree.  I LOVE them.  They are comfortable and cheap.  I don't have to worry about losing them b/c I get my money's worth out of it on the first day.  Like when that wave swallowed me whole at the beach and stole my sunglasses right off my face....WHO CARES b/c you only paid $1 for them!!!  The best thing is that I can buy like ten pair and have them everywhere as back ups in case I forget them at home.  I know, you can't believe it but I happen to love my Dollar Tree sunglasses!!!

Alright everyone....Happy Friday and if you have a hunter husband like mine, may you not be lonely this hunting season!

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