Monday, August 20, 2012

How Great Thou Art

This past week or two has not been very good for me.  I have felt like the devil has been all over me and in every direction I turn there has been drama.  That drama has gotten worse in the past couple of days and has forever changed some very important relationships in my life.  It really sucks when that happens....especially when it is something that you would not have chosen. 

I have been praying for my attitude, my heart and for the Lord to get the devil off my back and put him under my feet.  I think yesterday morning, he delivered!!!  Below is a video of my daughter singing in front of the whole church and my best friend playing the piano during communion yesterday  morning.  Sorry for the people walking in front of the camera....they were handing out communion and sorry for the shaking in the video.  Rylee brought me to my knees while singing my most favorite of all time hymns.  I cried, my husband cried and at least 3/4 of the church had tears flowing.  It is always precious to hear a child sing and even more precious when God has it happen exactly when you need it to!  Her voice did something to me yesterday and made me realize and remember that as long as I love my God, my husband and my children....everything is perfect in my world. 

Saturday I was reminded that my husband and I will fight to the bitter end for this child and yesterday morning God told me that I did the right thing.  He handed us this child to raise, love and protect and we plan to do just that no matter the cost.  I will always put her life (as well as Tegan's) above my own. 
Every time I hear this sweet voice I am reminded how great thou art!!!!

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